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To promote the modernization process of China's textile industry, and to achieve the goal of "Hundred Years of Hongyuan"
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Hongyuan , founded in 1956, is professional manufacturer of high-end mechanical and electrical products of textile machinery used in chemical fiber and cotton spinning field. It is developed from original Jiangsu Hongyuan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our company is China Top 500 Comprehensive Industrial Enterprises, China Quality Credit Enterprise, State High-tech Enterprise, China High-tech Excellent Enterprise, China Textile Industry Outstanding Contribution Award, State Textile Industry Advanced Unit Honor. And there is national postdoctoral workstation.

For years, Hongyuan Company takes “promote our textile industry” as mission and implements innovation strategy of “revitalizing the company through science and technology”. Through over 60 year’s accumulation, we have excellent equipment and advanced technique nowadays. Our company mainly produces FK6, HY series high-speed draw-texturing machine, FA series, HY series cotton spinning roving frame, HY series combing machine. Our chemical fiber filament after- processing equipment technology and production scale have reached international leading level.

Hongyuan Company presided over the revision of the textile industry's false twisting machine standard in the People's Republic of China. It is a research and development base for false twisting machine products evaluated by China's textile machinery industry.


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